Pure Lua qrcode library

This project is maintained by speedata

Welcome to the “Pure Lua QR Code library”.

qrcode containing link to the github project page

This repository contains one main file: qrencode.lua that generates the best QR Code for the given string.

You probably only need the file qrencode.lua to use it.

Source code

You find the (looco) documented source code here.


See the file qrcode.lua for sample code. Basically you do this:

qrencode = dofile("qrencode.lua")

local ok, tab_or_message = qrencode.qrcode(arg[1])
if not ok then

The returned table tab_or_message is a two dimensional array. First element is the columns, second element is the row for that column. The contents of a cell is either negative (a white cell) or positive (a black cell). If the function fails for some reason, the first argument is false and the second arguments contains an error message.

Support or Contact

Report bugs at the project page at or contact